It’s widely known that wood flooring is the flooring option that would become more and more elegant with age. But like any other furniture, the subtle change of color on the surface of wood flooring could be annoying. There are 2 main reasons why it happens. One of them is sunlight exposure, and the other is the finish applied on the floor.

In fact, different type of wood flooring would experience color change at different rates. More-common species such as oak and hickory will experience minimal color change over time, while less-common species, like American cherry and Brazilian cherry will show more color change over time. These changes are natural, but several measures can be taken to prevent color fading.

1. Considering UV shielding windows or do something to shade the window and affected area. You could also use drapes, curtains to provide much needed shade to your hardwood floors. Planting shrubs or other plants outside your window to help prevent hardwood floor damage is a wise option, too.

2.Months and years of long term furniture placement can cause hardwood flooring damage. Preventing this kind of hardwood floor damage is simple, easy and free: just move your stuff around.

3.If you wait to refinish your floors until massive color change happens, it may be too late. If you regularly refinish your floors, you can be more mindful of the wear and tear they are subjected to, and then quickly stop and fix small problems before they become really big ones.

4.Oil-modified finishes will amber over time, giving the floor a slightly yellow appearance. In contrast, water-based finishes generally will remain clear over time, minimizing long-term color changes.

5.There are plenty of hardwood flooring restoration companies out there. They’re professional, surprisingly affordable and well equipped to deal with all the challenges and headaches that come with preventing hardwood floor damage.

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